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Grace Pharmacy

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The Pharmacy without a  cash register

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 1 PM - 5 PM

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Grace Pharmacy

Grace Pharmacy, “the pharmacy without a cash register,” was established in 2017 by Grace Healthcare Services Corp to supply prescribed medications at no charge to qualifying patients who otherwise could not afford them.  Since that time, we have dispensed over 35,000 prescriptions.  

Free For All Services – At Grace Pharmacy, there is no fee $0 for any services you receive.

One minute video:  Tim Rogers RPh, Grace Healthcare Co-Founder and Grace Pharmacy Manager/Volunteer Pharmacist

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As funding expands we hope to be able to offer medications to a wider range of patients in need. Grace Pharmacy is staffed mostly by volunteers.



Grace Pharmacy provides medications to patients of participating safety net clinics:  Helping Hands Clinic, UF Mobile Outreach Clinic (UFMOC), Equal Access Clinic. UFMOC Street Medicine, Alachua Area Medical Reserve Corps, UF Psychiatry Street Medicine.

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