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July 2023

Jon DeCarmine

January 2024

Leon Scott

Leon Scott was a resident of Dignity Village, Gainesville’s 25-acre homeless encampment, which is now closed. “I used to sleep under that tree right over there,” he recalls. Dignity Village was adjacent to GRACE Marketplace.
In 2014, Leon began working for GRACE as an Advocate. Given this opportunity to work, Leon quickly proved himself. He rose through the ranks to Case Manager, to Intake Specialist, to Safety Manager, and finally to the Outreach Team, where he landed and stayed, loving his work of being able to “work with people like us and let them know that whatever they’ve been through can be overcome. There is hope!”
In March of 2023, Leon had a stroke, and now, 10 months later, is in a wheelchair challenged with mobility issues. He is working on his therapies, and his positive nature coming through, “I can’t wait to start working again!” Leon is grateful for Grace Clinic and Grace Pharmacy. “I can see Dr R., and I can get my meds! It always pays to be a good person. I would always bring people to Grace Clinic, and now I need it.”

Leon Scott, left, with Dr Harvey Rohlwing, outside Grace Clinic.

More Testimonials:

A University of Haiti medical student who rotated through an emergency medicine externship at UF writes:

I completed my rotation today. Everything went very well. It was a very informative and practical experience. I enjoyed participating in this program and I will be able to pass on some of my knowledge to my colleagues in Haiti. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate and thank you for your help.
(Grace Healthcare provided lodging for her during her externship here in Gainesville.)

“The population served has warm regard for Dr Rohlwing, it is clear it is his passion.”

Raema Jean MD and wife Rose Carlie Rene MS1, visiting Grace Clinic, Summer, 2022

“This selfless group is what makes our community great.”

Brandon Allen, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine

UF College of Medicine

Rupert Heard credits Grace Healthcare for keeping him alive during the three and a half years he experienced homelessness.

Rupert is a proud proponent of Grace Healthcare Services and serves on its Board of Directors as a member with lived experience.

Mike dropped by Grace Clinic to give thanks for his current good health,

and his return to work, allowing him to house himself and to buy his own car.

Dwayne "Mike" Kennedy

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